Various Causes of Decreased Function of the Tongue and its Impact

There are various kinds of functions of the tongue. Not only tasting, chewing, mixing, and swallowing food, the tongue also serves to help the process of speaking and fighting germs that cause disease. If the function of the tongue decreases, of course this will cause health problems and may interfere with daily activities. In the medical world, disorders of the tongue are very diverse, it can be a change in the color and texture of the tongue, the tongue feels painful and swollen, the tongue is difficult to move, or the tongue is unable to taste and taste sweet, bitter, salty, or sour. All of these disorders can cause decreased tongue function. These problems arise with different causes. Signs and Causes of Decreased Tongue Function The causes of decreased tongue function can vary greatly, ranging from mild factors to severe factors. To find out the cause of decreased tongue function, doctors will usually check the symptoms experienced by the patient first. Below are some signs
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